Join Us At Peace United Church Of Christ

On May 25, 1902, eighty-five people gathered to combine their dreams to make a new church. As residents of Schofield and Rothschild, most employed at the local paper mills, those faithful folks had always had a difficult time getting to downtown Wausau in the snowy mid-Wisconsin winters to worship at St. Paul’s Evangelical church. Being made up of folks raised in the German Evangelical tradition, they decided to combine their dreams to begin a new church steeped in that tradition here in Schofield.


Peace Evangelical and Reformed Church became Peace United Church of Christ in 1959, following the merger of several denominations that became The United Church of Christ.


That they may all be one.” This motto of the United Church of Christ – which can be found in John 17:21 – reflects the spirit of unity on which our church is based and points toward future efforts to heal the divisions in the body of Christ. We are a uniting church as well as a united church. This motto also affirms our history as a church home for all people seeking a connection to a faithful Christian community.


Today, Peace United Church of Christ continues to live out that vision as members dare to dream and then work faithfully to make those dreams a reality. Our proud heritage of faithful worship, Christian Education, local and global outreach, fellowship, and vital youth ministry, continue to embrace the vision of our members to live out their faith in community with others.


Caring, Believing, and Doing continue to characterize the mission and purpose of Peace Church. We invite you to find your place in the ministry and life of Peace United Church of Christ.